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The Eastern Bay of Plenty is a beautiful place to live in with many stunning beaches and large areas of ancient native forest. We are the Kiwi Capital of the world.

The Whakatāne District, Kawerau District and Ōpōtiki District make up the Eastern Bay of Plenty region. There are approximately 51,550 people living in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Almost all (around 98%) of this population are enrolled in an Eastern Bay General Practice.

Eastern Bay Primary Health Alliance is contracted to deliver services to over 48,550 people. Half of the population are Māori. The Eastern Bay of Plenty spans a large geographical area that features areas with some of the poorest and most deprived rural areas of New Zealand. Over half the population live in soci-economic deprived areas . Māori are overrepresented in health outcomes and this group experiences poor access and geographic isolation from services. Many of these areas are faced with significant challenges and opportunities in terms of socio-economic and cultural determinants of health, deprivation, education and employment outcomes.

The Eastern Bay Primary Health Alliance is committed to lifting the health and wellness of our local Iwi and communities. Lifestyles, social determinants and ageing of the Eastern Bay of Plenty population means more people with complex health needs and that an integrated approach is required. This growth in complexity required quality services that will be able to co-ordinate multiple care pathways.

We believe a truly regional approach delivered locally will reduce fragmentation, build capability, build on respective strengths, ensure viability, and provide a better platform for service integration. A shared voice will better enable engagement across health services and lead to better health journeys for people in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

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